Community – Knowledge – Action



Together we can make history!

We cannot wait any longer! The change towards sustainability is possible if we want it. But… What can we do as individuals? How can we achieve change and a sustainable, climate and environment-friendly life?

Our planet is heating up!  Humanity today faces the existential threats of a triple planetary crisis of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution. We know that we must transform our economies and lifestyles, and we have the solutions for it. But the transformation is progressing too slowly.

That is why we have created the Change Clubs movement.

What are Change Clubs?

Change Clubs are groups of people that get together to share knowledge, inspiration, and motivation to achieve a more sustainable way of living.

In Change Clubs we help each other to help the world. The members of a Change Club learn from each other and progress together while having fun. It’s much easier when we are together, rather than alone.

Change is possible if we want it! According to scientific and social research, the chances of success are higher if we join each other: It’s more fun, easier to stay motivated and we can go much further.

We want to leave behind apathy and frustration, and take action in a group, starting with ourselves, step by step.     

Why Change Clubs?  

With Change Clubs we will be able to support each other in the process towards a more sustainable life and have a tangible impact – not only by lowering our emissions and reducing our environmental footprints, but also by reducing feelings of helplessness, loneliness and insignificance: Actually doing something about it, especially together, helps us reduce anxiety and sense of doom – and can inspire others.

Our Vision is a world where people support each other to live sustainably. Solidarity, humanity and joy play a central role to make change happen. Together, we promote the transformation that our planet needs.

Our goal is to create over 200 Change Clubs in 2023-24 and expand the movement exponentially. Over time, we aim for a global network of hundreds of thousands of Clubs generating a transformative impact on society, politics, and private businesses. With the weight and authority of people around the world demonstrating that change is possible, the movement will influence economies and societies and have a strong voice to demand structural transformation and policy changes.