During the Crowdfunding contest ‘Mitwirken’, in May 2022, we gained financial support from 290 individuals donors summing up to over 14.000€. This support pushed our nascent Change Clubs initiative up to rank 14 of the 31 initiatives that participated in the contest, which meant an additional support of 7.000€ by the non-profit Hertie Foundation, the organiser of the contest.


We thank the Hertie Foundation, the ‘Mitwirken’-Team and all the supporters of our 2022 Crowdfunding for laying the foundation for the Change Clubs movement! 

Megumi Endo. Irene Suárez. Christina Diwo. Sabine Bingenheimer. Dominique Erckert. Andres Maschke. Sebastian Koch. Matteo Sant’Unione. Sandra Therwer. Pia Carazo. Jane Stickdorn. María Baldares. Sonja Alt. Jennifer Gray. Thomas Nickisch. Amalia Klein Carazo. Sara Stichnote. Kath Mora. Marlene Lerch. Paula Urrutia. Ruth Göttler. Petra Kuschel. Patrick Weisker. Jan Adams. Linda Buschke. Martin Gaspers. Sabrina Häbel. Max Mühlberger. Jana N. Jan Milkereit. Gesa Hastedt. David Walter. Ela Lierz. Stuart Best. Debapriya Roy. Vlad T. Simone Beege. Regina Bettin. Mareike Fuisz. Benjamin Graf. Cedric Instenberg. Sumaya Islam. Jan Klinkhammer. Joshua McComb. Dominik Mett. Lore Nobis. Ellen Scheiter. Daniela Walz. Alberto Carrillo. Manuel Carrillo. Lissette Chacón. Maria Daniela Pérez. Sigrid Klein. Klaus Klein.

This is an initial list with just a few of our supporters. It will keep growing as we keep posting more.  To all – named and unnamed – supporters and individuals, again, a big and heartfelt Thank you!


We are also lucky to be able to count on a supporting network of impact start-ups and other organisations, sustainability initiatives and companies who contributed to the 2022 Crowdfunding and continue to support us in our work.

We thank all our partners and supporters for the collaboration and contribution to making the Change Clubs initiative possible!

If you or your organisation would like to become a partner or supporter as well as for any questions, please contact us.