Our Founder

Holger Güssefeld
31 August 1942 – 24 May 2022

Everything starts with an idea! 

In summer 2021, Holger Güssefeld – a writer, life-long pacifist and activist from Hamburg, Germany – shared a simple, but powerful idea in a short letter to the German newspaper Die Zeit: “We must change how we live. … Doing it alone is difficult. That is why I suggest creating Clubs, in which people can learn from each other and help one another to change their lives…” 

The newspaper decides to publish Holger’s letter. It touches the hearts of readers all across Germany, who contact him to help make his idea a reality. A regional radio station interviews him, further spreading his idea and motivating other volunteers.

From September 2021 onwards, Holger initiated the first meetings with the enthusiastic inter-generational people who had previously contacted him. The Change Clubs initiative was born! And with it, the vision of a movement that grows and inspires people around the world to start clubs and change their lives, together. 

A coordination team, led by Holger with some 8-10 individuals and the support of the two impact companies Anthropia and Quantum Leap, kick-started the work and set out goals, principles and the strategic direction. In May 2022, Change Clubs went public with a website and a Crowdfunding contest – the first step in building the Change Clubs community.

Sadly, Holger passed away on 24 May 2022. We all miss him every day. However, his inspiration and enthusiastic spirit continues to be present and strengthens our determination to make Holger’s dream come true and see the Change Clubs movement growing across the globe!

Coordination Team

Our everyday work is carried out by the Coordination team. The team accompanies the Change Clubs, prepares background material and recommendations for the action areas (‘Change Modules’) and other information for the Clubs. It provides support to the growing Change Clubs network, manages the website and communication channels.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee sets the direction of travel for the Change Clubs movement and provides overall guidance on the goals, strategy, fundraising, content development and outreach.

Legal Structure

Change Clubs gGmbH, a non-profit limited responsibility company, was established under German Law, in Bonn, Germany, in September 2022. The founders are three impact companies and two individuals. The Change Clubs gGmbH provides the legal basis for the operations of the Change Clubs initiative – with Pía Carazo and Oliver Kuschel as our gender-balanced and highly dynamic duo of CEOs.

Founding organisations of Change Clubs gGmbH: